Friday, August 17, 2012

Ramping down the WTF

After much thought and with a little reluctance, I've decided to discontinue regular posting of WTF stuff here. I may continue to post a few pics now and then, but not on a daily basis. I know this may be a disappointment to my regular visitors, but at the present time I just can't handle it.  I've enjoyed doing it and love the regular feedback from several of my faithful followers, but I'm going to have to pull the plug for a while.  There are three main reasons:

1. At the present time I'm physically unable to spend the time scouring the Internet for source material like I used to. I used to spend several hours a day just looking for stuff. Can't do that right now.

2. I try not to duplicate and am kind of picky about what I post...if it doesn't make me laugh or say WTF? I don't post it. So original stuff is getting somewhat harder to find.

3. One of the major reasons I started the blog was to supplement my income a little with the Google Adsense banners. After nearly a year, I only have 17 followers and ad clicks are practically non-existent. I've accumulated about $31 so far, most of that was during the first month. Last month I made 14 cents. It's rather discouraging.

As I said, I may post a few pics now and then, but nothing regular. To my regular followers here's a few random pics to say thanks a million for all of your comments:

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  1. I am sorry to hear that, but I understand. I just returned to blogger, too. Thanks for the laughs.